Motorcycle Tyre Size

Motorcycle Tyre Size Conversion Chart

This information must only be used as a guide. If in doubt about specific fittings always follow manufacturers recommendations.

For new tyres to provide best performance possible, they should be allowed to go through a suitable “running in” period. A minimum distance of 100 miles is recommended before being subjected to maximum power or extreme conditions. The “running in” period allows for the tyre to be scuffed enabling grip and handling to reach its intended potential.

Always ensure sufficient clearance between the tyre and other parts of the motorcycle I.e. mudguard, chain etc, as heat, and centrifugal forces caused by riding can increase overall diameter of the tyre during use.

Tyres should carry a sufficient speed and load rating to correspond with the machines capabilities.

Note: Tyres with 2.00, 2.25 & 2.50 nominal section widths are rated for 75 mph.